Internet Bussiness is the New Alternative in The Bussiness World. The bussiness which use Internet as the media to promote their services or products, and the Internet Users as the target market. The number of online bussiness that is promising the galore inclusion with just use small capital to do this. Of course, This kind of bussiness should be taken heed by the new internet users. In fact there is many deception in the Online Bussiness Word.

To the new situs in the Internet, its need many ways so that their site become popular. The site which has already popular still need to be maintenance or monitor to maintenance the site in order to be visited by readers or visitors.

There is some ways to promote your website on the internet:

  • By registering the site to the web search engine services, like google, yahoo, and MSN.
  • By taking advertises on the advertise services. such as and
  • By using affiliate program, that is giving some commisions to each listed members from every purchasing/registratrion by their refference.
  • By Exchanging link.
  • By email spamming, but it is not the right way.

There is some ways to promote your website on the Internet. Hope it will help Us, any correction is wellcome.



Shorting Your Blog Name

The represent important factor when we make a situs on the Internet is about Name. In electioning of it is better to reckoned the long character or it short of the name. Of course short name is not surely nice, and long name is not surely crummy. There is some tricks and trips in determining how to make the best name of your blog or web:

Choose a catchy names by your reader or visitor
The Name should not too short and should not too long
The name is showing your website’s topic, identity or content

In some case, if we use a free web service like blogger we can not make it ( name ) shortly. Althought we give it a short name but it will become long name. For example if we use blogspot service, We can not alter the .blogspot or .wordpress identity. To overcome this problem I suggest you to use some free Web Forwarder service like or about. For example if we make blog like this so what should we do to short the name of it? Just register at and setup the url forwarder and make change it to

There is some ways to short your blog name, hope it will usefull for us. Any correction are wellcome.


Sidiq Cahyo W